Next Generation Air Cleaning Technology  

Electronic Air Filtration is the best technology for improving the air quality in your home. Ordinary, passive air filters, even HEPA filters only trap the larger particles that can contribute to indoor health problems. All filters have gaps or holes in the filter media. In order to effectively filter particles smaller than these gaps, it is necessary to attract the particles to the filter media so they collide and stick. Without this attraction, even the best passive filters cannot trap things such as formaldehyde & other volatile organic chemical (VOCs), radon daughter particulate, smaller bacteria or viruses from your air.

ECOairflow’s filters are a high-tech replacement for your existing air filter. They fit right into your HVAC system’s existing air filter slot. Whenever you are running the fan in your system for heating, cooling, or just good air curculation, your ECOairflow filter is cleaning your air. 

How it Works  

All particles in your ductwork, big or small, acquire a positive or negative charge (Polarity). ECOairflow electronic air filters create a polarized charge on the pad fibers within the filter so charged particles are attracted to & stick to the filter, just like a magnet, attracting those very tiny particles that will pass right through ordinary air filters.


Clean Even the Smallest Particles from your Air

Ordinary filters can only catch particulates up to a certain size. ECOairflow’s polarization technology filters down to .001 microns making it up to 45 times as effective as most pleated filters and even exceeds HEPA filters in capturing very small particles.