Superior Filtration

Commercial 2″ electronic air filter certified at MERV 14. For buildings and Geothermal applications that demand high-performance air cleaning with low pressure drop.

 The MERV 14 ECOairflow Model 2300 is a 2” carbon filament style electronic air cleaner. It is intended for commercial use in applications where the airflow face velocity rate is typically 500 FPM. It can be used as a stand-alone product or in combination with other products to meet specific application criteria. Carbon filament technology delivers a better charge with better resistance to flow than other types of filters. The Model 2300 typically has a lower pressure drop than most other commercial filters.

A feature of the 2″ technology is the long long media life, propotionately superior to most 1″ technologies.

How it Works  

The Model 2300 uses Electronic Polarization Technology (EPT) to trap airborne contaminate like dust, dander and pollen. It effectively traps particles smaller than .007 microns, which can pose serious health risks. These include formaldehyde, benzene, radon RDP including polonium,viruses, bacteria, and many other pathogens. The Model 2300 is twice as effective as a HEPA filter at .007 microns and up to 45 times as effective as most pleated filters.

The Model 2300 has low static pressure drop, significantly better than most thruway filters. Air flows more easily through it, reducing operating costs by up to 15%

Low Pressure Drop

A key concern for energy savings and protection of HVAC equipment is to make sure resistance to airflow is as low as it can be. ECOairflow technology was developed to provide a method to achieve superior filtration using materials that inherently have low resistance to airflow. Hgh performance pleated filters achieve their filtration capability by using a tight weave which has a high resistance to airflow. High resistance means that these type of pealed filters must be changed more frequently than the Model 2300.


  • MERV 14* (LEED Compliant)
  • Easily Retrofitted
  • TANDEM UNITS TOGETHER -For commercial applications

Simple Maintenance

Maintenance is simple. The pads are designed to last almost indefinitely, but when they do need changing doing so is easy. Just open the filter, carefully remove and discard the old pads and then drop in a new one. It’s that easy.

LEED Compliant 

In addition to the MERV 14 rating, the Model 2300 has several other features which add to it’s compliance rating. Plastic components are partially made of recycled materials. The plastic and metal components of the filter can be recycled and the glass fiber pads can be recycled as post consumer waste glass.

Low air resistance coupled with low power consumption means energy consumed within the HVAC system is up to 15% less than with many competitive filters. In a large building, the savings can be considerable.

The Model 2300 is excellent at removing tobacco smoke from the air. It uses it’s technology to capture smoke and other harmful particles that just pass through non-electronic filters. The 90 minute re-circulation chart below shows how great this difference can be. At .007 microns the model 2300 is up to 45 times as effective as most pleated filters and even exceeds HEPA filters in capturing particles this small..


Pressure Drop To   0.13 in.w.c. @300 fpm
.27 in.w.c. @500 fpm
Normal Input Voltage   24 Volts (floating)  
Input Voltage Range   24 V min to 30 V max  
Power Consumption   2 watts
Apparent Power 2.0 VA
Sizes   All industry standard sizes AND custom sizes

Technical Material

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