Superior Filtration

The ECOairflow Dynamo 2″ filter is the only generally available 2″ electronic air cleaner certified at MERV 14. It is intended for use buildings and geothermal applications demanding superior air quality coupled with low pressure drop.

The patented MERV 14 Dynamo 2″ is a carbon-filament style filter. It is intended for use in applications where airflow face velocity rate is typically 500 FPM or higher. It can be used as a stand-alone product or in combination with other types of filtration products to meet specific application criteria. Patented filtration technology delivers superior filtration results with better resistance to flow than other types of filters. That translates into reduced operating costs.

The Dynamo 2″ filter delivers superior dust holding capabilities and proportionately longer pad life than most 1″ technologies.

How it Works  

The Dynamo 2″ filter uses Electronic Polarization Technology (EPT) to trap airborne contaminates. It can effectively trap particles as small as .001 microns. Many particle types in this size range can pose serious health risks. Some of the more concerning particulate the Dynamo 2″ filter captures include Black Carbon (BC)  from Traffic Related Air Pollution (TRAP) and forest fires. It can also effectively capture radon RDP, viruses and bacteria, as well as many other pathogens.

The EPA along with many other organizations recommend that  solutions to these issues include air filters capable of performance at MERV 13 or higher. The Dynamo 2″ filter is a cost-effective means of following these recommendations.

Low Pressure Drop

Key to saving energy and protecting expensive HVAC equipment is ensuring airflow resistance is as low as possible. ECOairflow technology was developed to achieve superior filtration using materials and technology that provide inherently low resistance to airflow. Pleated filters achieve high performance levels using a tight weave which has a high resistance to airflow coupled with shorter pad life. That means high performance pleated filters must be changed more frequently than the Dynamo filter, costing much more to operate.


Simple Maintenance

Maintenance is simple. Pads are designed to last almost indefinitely, but when they reach their capacity, changing them is easy. Just open the filter, carefully remove and discard the old pad set and then drop in a new one. It’s that simple.


LEED Compliant 

In addition to the MERV 14 rating, the Dynamo filter has other features which add to it’s compliance rating. Plastic components, where feasible, include recycled materials. Plastic and metal components of the filter, as well as the glass fiber pads can be recycled as post consumer waste.

Low air resistance coupled with low power consumption means energy consumed within the HVAC system is up to 15% less than with many competitive filters. In a large building, the savings can be considerable.


Pressure Drop To .13 in.w.c. @300 fpm
      .27 in.w.c. @500 fpm
Normal Input Voltage  24 Volts (floating)  
Input Voltage Range  18 V min to 30 V max  
Power Consumption  2 watts
Apparent Power2.0 VA
Sizes  All industry standard sizes AND custom sizes

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