Viruses like H1N1 or Influenza and Bacteria like Streptococcus which causes pneumonia or throat infections are airborne particulates just like dust or smoke, only much smaller. Viruses & Bacteria are in greater concentrations indoors and pose numerous health risks to occupants.

How ECOairflow’s filters work against Viruses & Bacteria

Viruses in particular are too small in size to be trapped by ordinary passive filters, Viruses range in size from .005 microns to .3 microns (.3 microns is the smallest size most pleated filters can capture). In even the most expensive pleated filters, many bacteria and most viruses simply pass through and remain in the indoor air where they can be inhaled.

ECOairflow polarized filters can effectively capture particulate down to the size of the smallest viruses. ECOairflow’s electronic air filters act like a magnet and attract viruses & bacteria to the filter media, reducing their quantity in the air.(and the risks associated with them)