Better Filtration

The ECOairflow Model 1500 is an advanced carbon filament style electronic air cleaner. It is a professional model sold through HVAC contractors. Carbon filament technology delivers a superior level of charge than typical center screen style filters without sacrificing any efficiency.

The Model 1500 has a unique design that reduces the outside frame area by about 9%. This allows a greater charged area to be presented to the airflow resulting in reduced resistance (pressure drop). It traps more harmful particles and at the same time, IT SAVES YOU MORE.

How it Works   

The ECOairflow Model 1500 uses  ELECTRONIC POLARIZATION TECHNOLOGY. What this does is create a polarized charge on the pads inside the filter. It’s a safe and simple process which effectively turns the 1500 into a giant magnet, trapping airborne contaminants like dust, dander and pollen.

The Model 1500 is designed to trap more dangerous ultra fine particles which can pose serious health risks. These include formaldehyde, viruses, bacteria, polonium and many other pathogens.

Low Pressure Drop Saves Money and Electricity

All filters restrict air flow. The degree of restriction is measured as “pressure drop” and will determine how long and how hard a fan motor will need to operate to achieve the desired heating or cooling level in your home.

The Model 1500 has a pressure drop rating that is significantly lower than typical throwaway filters. This means that the air flows more easily, reducing heating, air conditioning and electrical costs by up to 15%.


Maintenance Is A Snap!!


Pressure Drop To   0.13 in.w.c. @300 fpm
Normal Input Voltage   24 Volts (floating)  
Input Voltage Range 18 V min to 30 V max  
Power Consumption   less than 2 watts
Apparent Power Allow 2.0 VA
Recommended Maintenance   Every 3 Months
Sizes   All industry standard sizes AND custom sizes
5 Year Warranty