All-in One Filtration

The ECOairflow Model 1000 is a center screen style electronic air cleaner. It is energy efficient and effective. It uses electronic technology to trap airborne contaminants. The Model 1000 can effectively remove particles as small as 0.3 microns in size.

Many other types of particles in this size range can pose serious health risks. Some of the more concerning things this filter can capture include Black Carbon (BC), Traffic Related Air Pollution (TRAP), radon RDP, viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.

Smoke from forest fires (BC) and TRAP are two areas where Model 1000 filters provide excellent mitigation capability.

The Model 1000 can easily catch and trap more common air pollutants such as dust, dander, pollen and indoor smoke of all kinds (tobacco, automotive, cooking, fireplace, etc.)

How it Works  

The ECOairflow Model 1000 operates on the principle of Electronic Polarization Technology (EPT). Particles passing through the high voltage center screen are charged. This causes them to be attracted to the glass fiber media pads where they ‘stick’ until the pads are removed. It is a safe and simple process for trapping airborne contaminants.


Simple Maintenance

It is easy to change pads. Just open the filter, carefully remove and discard the old pads and then drop in new ones. It’s that simple.


Pressure Drop To   0.16 in.w.c. @300 fpm
Normal Input Voltage   24 Volts (floating)  
Input Voltage Range  18 V min to 30 V max  
Power Consumption   2 watts
Apparent Power 1.5 VA
Recommended Maintenance   Every 3 Months
Sizes   All industry standard sizes AND custom sizes

Informational Material  

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