Give it a BOOST!

Commercial ion generator charges particles upstream of an air filter, provides high-end casino style air cleaning performance.

How it Works  

The Booster uses powerful electronics to safely and effectively charge airborne particles so they will be more attracted to the filter. It typically improves filter efficiency by 15% or more in the health hazardous 0.3 to 1.0 micron particle range.

The Booster generates a powerful ion field upstream from the filter to charge particles before they reach the filter media. Charged microscopic airborne particles are more strongly attracted to filter pads. They are also attracted to each other and in many cases, join to form bigger particles, which are more easily captured by the filter. This phenomenon is known as agglomeration. The ion force created by the Booster results in greater filter efficiency.

Boosters are especially effective when used in conjunction with electrically charged filters like ECOairflow models 1000 and 1500. The booster requires no maintenance and has no moving parts.



Normal Input Voltage   24 Volts (floating)  
Input Voltage Range  18 V min to 30 V max  
Power Consumption   2 watts
Apparent Power 2.0 VA
Power Consumption   2 watts
Input Type Floating
Filtration Boost   +15% avg. Filtration efficiency
Warranty 2 years
Operating Coverage (per booster)   Passive Throw Away 4 Sq. Ft.
Model 2300 4-9 Sq. Ft.

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